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Life Pre-Intermediate

Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 4 p.48-49
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 4 p.50-51
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 4 Lesson 4d A Happy Ending p.52
Life Pre-Intermediate 4E A story of Survival p.53
Life Pre-Intermediate 4F Alaskan Ice-Climbing p.54-55
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 4 All Vocabulary
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 5 The Environment p.57
Life Pre-Intermediate 5A Recycling p.58-59
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 5 p.57 and 5A Combined
Life Pre-Intermediate 5B The Greendex p.60-61
Life Pre-Intermediate 5C A Boat Made of Bottles p.62-63
Life Pre-Intermediate 5d Online Shopping p.64
Life Pre-Intermediate 5E Problems with an order p.65
Life Pre-Intermediate 5F Coastal Clean-Up p.66-67
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 5 Review All Vocabulary
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 6 Stages in Life p.69
Life Pre-Intermediate 6A Changing Your Life p.70-71
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 6 p.69 and 6A Combined
Life Pre-Intermediate 6B World Party p.72-73
Life Pre-Intermediate 6C Masai Rite of Passage p.74-75
Life Pre-Intermediate 6D An Invitation p.76
Life Pre-Intermediate 6E A Wedding in Madagascar p.77
Life Pre-Intermediate Review All Vocabulary For Test (p.45-p.76)
Life Pre-Intermediate Review All Vocabulary For Test (p.45-p.77)
Life Pre-Intermediate 8F Wind Power p.102-103

Unit 1
* Transcript
1A How Well Do You Sleep p.10-11
* Transcript
* Sleep (slidespub) (Mingle Cards- docspub)
* Present Simple Formation
Present Simple Conversation Prompts
1B The Secrets of Long Life p.12-13
Health: docspub
* Transcript
* Present Simple and Present Continuous Formation
* Rules for Present Simple and Present Continuous
* Human Bingo for Present Simple and Present Continuous
* Function of Present Simple and Present Continuous 
Present Simple Versus Present Continuous 2
Present Simple Versus Present Continuous Walk Around the Room Questions
1C Health and Happiness p.14-15
* Feelings (slidespub) (mingle cards-drivedocspub)
* Happiness: docspub
* Lead-in
* Human Bingo with Feel
1D At the Doctor's p.16
* Being Sick (slidespub) (Mingle Cards- docspub)
* Transcript and PowerPoint Game
1E Medical Advice Online p.17
* Medical Advice: docspub
* So/ Because Game
1F Slow Food p.18-19
* Transcript and PowerPoint
* Restaurants (slidespub) (Mingle Cards- docspub)
Unit 2
2A Competitive Sports p.22-23
* Sports (slidespub) (Mingle cards -docspub)
Gerunds Running Dictation
Gerunds Crossword
love, hate, enjoy, dislike guessing game
Human Bingo For Gerunds
Gerund Discussion Questions
* Sports: docspub
2B Crazy Competitions p.24-25
* Modal Verb Board Game
Modal Verb Discussion Questions
* Competition: docspub
2C Bolivian Wrestlers p.26-27
Doraemon PowerPoint Game for "like" and "as"
Wrestling: docspub
2D Joining a Club p.28 & 2E Advertising for Members p.29
* Create Your Own Club
Clubs: docspub
2F Cheese Rolling p.30-31
* Vocabulary, transcript, Backs to the Boards
3A Transport in the Future p.34-35
Transportation: docspub
Naruto Bomb Game With Comparative Adjective Forms
PowerPoint Presentation to Drill Comparative Adjectives
Naruto Bomb Game with Comparative and Superlative Adjective Forms
drilling comparatives and superlatives
Board Game for Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
3B Animal Transport p.36-37
* Card Game for Comparative Adjectives
3C Last Days of the Rickshaw p.38-39 
* How do you get to school? (slidespub)
* Lead-in, Vocab Cards, Backs to the Board
3D Getting Around Town p.40
* lead-in, transcript, vocabulary
3F Indian Railways p.42-43
* Various activities
Unit 4
* Life Pre-Intermediate on Quizlet
* Unit 4 Famous Adventurers
Quizlet and transcript
4A Adventurers of the Year p.46-47
Adventure: docspub
* What did you do yesterday? (driveslidespub)
Irregular Verbs Past Simple Slide Show Presentation
Past Simple Mingle 2
Past Simple Speaking Topics 2
4B The Survivors p.48-49
* Transcript and Quizlet
Surviving: docspub
* Past Continuous Mingle Activity
* Past Continuous Cards for Conversation
* Past Simple versus Past Continuous Crossword Questions
4C The Right Decision p.50-51
* Various Activities
* Mountains: docspub
* Decisions: docspub
In, At, On Prepositions of Time--Doraemon PowerPoint Game
4D A Happy Ending p.52
4E A Story of Survival p.53
* A Trip to the Jungle
* Writing: An Adventure Story
4F Alaskan Ice Climbing p.54-55
Various Activities
Review p.56
* Quizlet
Unit 5
Environment: docspub
Quizlet and Transcript
* Describing Everyday Objects
* The Environment Project
5A Recycling p.58-59
Quizlet and Transcript
Lesson For Quantifiers on Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Doreamon PowerPoint Game for Countable/Uncountable Nouns
5B The Greendex p.60-61
* quizlet, Powerpoint, survey
Naruto PowerPoint Game for Articles
5C A Boat Made of Bottles p.62-63
* Quizlet, Match headings to paragraphs
* Human Bingo with Take
5D Online Shopping p.64
* Quizlet, transcript
* Speaking Role Play: Calling Customer Service About Problems With an Online Order
5E Problems with an Order p.65
* quizlet, PowerPoint, Writing
5F Coastal Clean-up p.66-67
* various activities
Unit 5 Review p.68
Unit 6
* Stages of Life Group Project
* Various Activities
* Stages of Life Speaking/Writing Activity
6A Changing Your Life p.70-71
* LINK: Infinitives | Johnny Grammar | Learn English | British Council
You Don't Own Me by Lesley Gore--to+ infinitive verb patterns
6B World Party p.72-73
* Festivals: docs, pub
* Quizlet and Mingle Activities
"Going to" versus "Will" Doraemon PowerPoint Game
Present Continuous for Future Arrangements Find a time to meet
Present Continuous for Future Arrangements Schedule
Present Continuous for Future Arrangements: What is my Schedule?
Present Continuous for Future Arrangements: Schedule Mingling activity 
6C Masai Rites of Passage p.74-75
* various activities
6D An Invitation p.76
* Various Activities
Parties: docspub
A Party: Slideshow (slidespub) Worksheet (docspub)
6E A Wedding in Madagascar p.77
* Various Activities
Review Units 4-6
* Quizlet
Unit 7
* Describing Jobs
*LINK: Conversation Questions Jobs and Technology
Project for Unit 7: Presentation about a Job
7A X-Ray Photographer p.82-83
* Transcript
Doraemon Bomb Game for Prepositions of Movement
* LINK: Prepositions of place – speaking activities
7B The Cost of New Jobs p.84-85
lead-in and transcript
* Present Perfect Board Game
Present Perfect for Experiences: 2 Truths and 1 Lie Game
Past Simple Versus Present Perfect Scrambled Sentences
7C Twenty First Century Cowboys p.86-87
* Various Activities
Make and do Collocations
Human Bingo with Make and Feel Collocations
7D A Job Interview p.88
* Various Activities
7E Applying for a Job p.89
* Various activities
Doraemon PowerPoint Game: Past Simple Passive
7F Butler School p.90-91
* Transcript and Discussion Questions
Unit 8
* Transcript and Lesson Plan
LINK: Speaking about Inventions
8A Invention for the Eyes p.94-95
* Transcript
Relative Clauses: Who and Which Grab the Card Game
Relative Clauses Guessing Game
Relative Clauses Scrambled Sentences
8B Technology for Explorers p.96-97
Zero Conditional Formation
First Conditional Brain Storm Activity
First Conditional Formation Worksheet 
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 
8F Wind Power p.102-103
Various Activities
Unit 9
Languages: docspub
9A Ways of Learning p.106-107
* Education: docspub
Passive Form Worksheet--Present Simple
Slideshow for Drilling Passives
Conversation Prompts with Present Passive Sentences
* Irregular Verbs Past Participle (V3) Slideshow Presentation
9B The History of Writing p.108-109
* Past Simple Passive and Present Simple Passive Crossword Puzzle
* Past Simple Passive and Present Simple Passive Forms
* Present Passive versus Past Passive
* Present Passive versus Past Passive Find Your Partner
Doraemon game for present simple passive and past simple passive
Slideshow for Drilling Passives
Writing: docspub
9C Saving Languages p.110-111
Languages: docspub
* Vocabulary Cards and Board Race
9D Enrolling on a Course p.112
* University: docspub
* Slideshow and Handouts
9E Providing Information p.113
* Various Activities
* Filling in Forms: docspub
9F Disappearing Voices p.114-115
* Vocabulary Activities
Unit 10
Travel: docspub
* Transcript
10A Holiday Stories p.118-119
* Tipping: docspub
Doraemon PowerPoint Game
Comprehension of Past Perfect
Make Past Perfect Sentences about Your Partner 
Problems Teaching the Past Perfect
10B Adventure Holidays p.120-121
* Adventure: docspub
* Naruto PowerPoint Game for ~ed or ~ing adjectives
10C A Tour Under Paris p.122-123
* Lead-in
Youtube Videos Authentic Listening: Party in the Paris Catacombs, But Don't Tell
10F: Living in Venice p.126-127
* Lead-in and transcript
Unit 11
11A An Ancient Civilisation p.130-131
Find Someone Who: Used To
Dictation: Used To
Used To: Guess Your Partner's Answers
It’s All Over Now by The Rolling Stones--Use for "Used to"
Used To Sentences. Two Truths and One Lie
Slideshow for "used to"
11B Modern History p.132-133
* Reported Speech Worksheet
Reported Speech Crossword Puzzle 
Reported Speech: Present Tense to Past Tense 
Reported Speech Worksheet Past Tense
Reported Speech Running Dictation
The Letter by The Box Tops--Reported Speech
Student Reported Speech
Reported Speech Questions Grammar Rules
Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals
Reported Speech Memory Game
Reported Speech Questions
Reported Speech Naruto PowerPoint Game
11F The Lost City of Machu Picchu p.138-139
* Lead-in, Transcript
Unit 12
12B The Power of Nature p.144-145
Second Conditional Conversation Prompts
Second Conditional Formation
Second Conditional Brain Storm Activity 
Second Conditional Story 
If I Were a Boy by Beyonce 
If 6 Was 9 by Jimi Hendrix 
Second Conditional Karuta
1st Conditional Versus 2nd Conditional Worksheet  
1st and 2nd Conditional Board Game 
1st and 2nd Conditional Memory Game 
12C Changing Greenland p.146-147
* Lead-in
* Human Bingo: Will, Will Not, Might
* 3 Sentence Guessing Game for Will and Might
12E Good News p.149
* Lead-in and Press Release

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