Sunday, May 08, 2016

Grammar Questions I Couldn't Answer

17 days sounds funny
* a gerund as the head of the noun phrase
A fool and his money are soon parted
an impact vs. much impact
Bread and Butter _____ my family's daily food 10 years ago.
Doctor is a very hard job
* Enough Time to Use Those Shorts
Especially vs Particularly
hang vs hung
* have as
* "hear us sing" versus "hear us singing"
I feel angry when my sister takes my something
* I have not enough
I saw her cry Versus I saw her crying
I visited my parents combining with visiting my friends
I wished I would be able to
I'm easy to get cold
In the Summer vs In Summer
Me and my friends went to the mall
"No, it isn't" versus "No, it is not"
* Question Tags and Subjects
* Question Tags with Nobody
Problems Teaching the Past Perfect
* More Problems with the Past Perfect
* Out of Sight, Out of Mind
So you're studying sports science, are you?
* Thank You My Teacher
The lion is the stronger animal
The people who I admire most
"the same" versus "sameness"
* the + superlative
"There is a pair of shoes" versus "There are a pair of shoes"
* "there isn't" versus "there is no"
They laughed at me very much versus Thank you very much
This was the second time I have been there
Voiced and Unvoiced /th/: Is there a rule?
Using a too old motorcycle
watched my friends swim vs watched my friends swimming
We couldn't do anything besides go to the hotel
* When in Rome
When I was walking versus While I was walking
"Who is" versus "who are"
* With shares reaching
You have read that book for a long time
You have to know how do your students feel

This post is to announce that I'm starting a new project on this blog, as of today.

This is an idea I've toyed around with for a while, but I'm finally going to start doing it.  The idea is to keep a list of all the grammar questions that my students ask me to which I don't know the answer to.
My reasons for this will be as follows:
1). On the off-chance that someone out there in Internet land will be able to help me with the answer. ... Although to be honest, I'm not holding out much hope on this.  This blog many languishes in obscurity, so the odds of someone who knows the answer to my queries specifically coming across this blog are limited.  So the other reasons will just be to...
2). Keep a record for my own interest
3). Share my own puzzles, and maybe get other people thinking
4). Motivate myself to find the answer and get back to my students.

I will index all the entries on the top of this post.

Link of the Day 
Noam Chomsky "Grammar, Mind and Body- A Personal View"

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