Monday, May 16, 2016

English World 3 Unit 10 p.106 Transcript for Listening

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks --English World 3)

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Girl: What are you doing?

Boy: I’m playing with my bricks.

Girl: What are you going to make?

Boy: Have a guess.

Girl: Hmmm….Are you going to make a car?

Boy: No, I’m not. This is going to be bigger than a car.

Girl: How about a helicopter?

Boy: No. It’s going to be bigger than a helicopter.

Girl: Is it going to be a building?

Boy: Yes, it is. A very big building.

Girl: Bigger than a house?

Boy: Yes, and it’s going to have four tall towers.

Girl: Aha…I think I know. Is it going to have little windows?

Boy: Yes.

Girl: And a big, strong door?

Boy: Yes.

Girl: Would you like four flags?

Boy: Why?

Girl: You can put them on the towers when the king is at home.

Boy: Good idea!

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