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Book Haul: Mighty Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Volume 2, Swamp Thing The Bronze Age Volume 3
Books (130 pages this week--the goal is 200 pages)
1st Chronicles p.438-442 (1st Chronicles 9-12) (From The Bible) (4 pages)
Comic Books (Comic Books don't count towards weekly page counts)
From: Section 2, Unit 24, Level 3, Lesson 3 To: Section 2, Unit 25, Level 1, Lesson 2 (My Duolingo profile is hereHere is the quizlet I use to practice all of the vocabulary I've learned in Duolingo.  I had to create a second one once I got to 2000 words.  Second quizlet here.  And here is a smaller quizlet I use to consolidate the new or difficult vocabulary.  And here is a quizlet I have with only the most recent 100 words I've learned.)

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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Here is a Kahoot I made up for separable phrasal verbs: Separable Phrasal Verbs.
The sentences used in this Kahoot all come from the list of phrasal verbs and example sentences from Impact 3 and Impact 4.  (Both books use the same list).  But I believe this Kahoot could also stand on its own for any general lesson on phrasal verbs.

I've made up a couple of quizlet sets for studying phrasal verbs.

First, here is a set I made for the list of phrasal verbs in Impact 3: Phrasal Verbs: Separable and Inseparable
I took some of the separable verbs from Impact 3, and some of the inseparable.  There are a few words that are both separable and inseparable but with different meanings, so if you play any of the game modes, students will have to distinguish between the separable and inseparable meanings.  
e.g. calm down (inseparable): relax after being angry
calm down (separable): help relax

I made another set when I was teaching from Impact 4.  This list contains just the separable phrasal verbs.  (I originally intended to do both separable and inseparable, but the list was so long I just got halfway through the inseparable verbs, and then stopped.
That quizlet is here: Phrasal Verbs: Inseparable

I think the Impact 3 and Impact 4 books actually use the same list of phrasal verbs, so I could have re-used the same quizlet for both books.  I just forgot that I had already made up a quizlet, and so ended up making another one needlessly.  But now I've got them both made, so here they are.

I believe these quizlets can also stand as independent resources for any lesson on phrasal verbs in general.

In the previous post, I lamented that it was hard to get AI to make a good model text for phrasal verbs.
The British Council, however, does have a good model text on their website.  
Unfortunately it's not the same set of phrasal verbs that are covered in the textbook I'm using.  But it's a good text for introducing students to the concept of phrasal verbs in general.
The link is here: Making it up - Phrasal verb stories.  Click on that link for instructions on how to do the lesson.  The model text itself is here.

Phrasal Verbs: Model Text created by AI

Google: docs, pub

[Notes: I'm not 100% happy with this, but I want to save it here anyway.  I may come back and try to improve it at some point in the future.
I would be embarrassed to tell you how much time I wasted trying to get AI to create the perfect model text.  I had about 40 phrasal verbs from the Impact 3 textbook, and I wanted them all in the story, but none of the AIs I tried (Gemini, Poe, ChatGPT) were able to make a story that used all 40 phrasal verbs.  (I have previously praised AI as a great way to create model texts for vocabulary, but perhaps I should include a caveat.  It has its limits.  If you try to cram in too much vocabulary, the AI appears to just ignore most of the vocabulary.)  I also wanted the story to include both examples of separated  and unseparated phrasal verbs, but I couldn't get it to make examples with separated phrasal verbs.  Even after using multiple platforms, and changing the prompt several times.
All that being said, for all its faults, this model text is better than what I had before--which was nothing.  So I want to hang on to it, and possibly fix it up someday, and maybe even use it in the classroom.]

Once upon a time, in a magical forest, there lived a group of animal friends. There was Sammy the squirrel, Benny the bear, and Lila the rabbit. They loved to explore and go on adventures together.

One sunny morning, they decided to go on a picnic near the sparkling river. They knew they had to plan everything carefully, so they asked around the forest for suggestions on the best picnic spots. They came across a friendly owl who told them about a beautiful meadow with a breathtaking view.

Excited about their picnic, the friends got up early and started to get ready. They dressed up in their finest clothes and packed delicious treats for their adventure. Sammy brought nuts, Benny brought honey, and Lila baked carrot muffins.

As they made their way to the meadow, they came across a fallen tree blocking their path. They didn't want to give up on their picnic, so they decided to work together to break down the tree and clear the way. Benny used his strong paws, Lila used her sharp teeth, and Sammy used his nimble fingers. With their combined efforts, they successfully cleared the path and continued their journey.

When they arrived at the meadow, they were amazed by its beauty. The friends set up their picnic blankets and enjoyed their delicious food. They laughed, shared stories, and even engaged in a friendly game of tag.

After their meal, they decided to explore the meadow and its surroundings. They discovered a hidden trail that led to a magnificent waterfall. Excitedly, they climbed up the rocks and enjoyed the breathtaking view. They realized that their picnic adventure had turned into something even more special.

As the day went on, the sky started to darken, and the friends knew it was time to head back. They packed up their things and made their way home. On their journey, they encountered a small lost fox. The fox looked scared and worried, so the friends decided to help.

They asked the fox where it came from and found out that it had been separated from its family. The friends knew they could count on each other to help the fox find its way back. They decided to go ahead and guide the fox to its family.

After a long journey, they finally found the fox's family, and everyone cheered up in joy. The fox and its family were reunited, thanks to the kindness and determination of the animal friends.

As they said their goodbyes to the fox, the friends realized that their picnic adventure had become an incredible day filled with unexpected twists and turns. They learned that when they worked together, they could overcome any obstacle and make a difference in someone's life.

With their hearts filled with happiness and gratitude, the friends returned to their forest home. They knew that no matter what challenges they faced, they could always rely on each other and count on their friendship. And so, they fell asleep, looking forward to their next adventure, knowing that their bond would never fall apart.

Started: Antigone by Sophocles (from Classical Tragedy - Greek and Roman: Eight Plays in Authoritative Modern Translation).  This is a rereadAntigone was part of the 12th grade curriculum in my high school, so I did once read this play back in my school days.

Oedipus the King (1968): Movie Review

This is my first time watching this movie, so according to my new rules, I'm doing this as a video only review. 

Oedipus the King (1968): Movie Review