Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Name Change

You may have noticed I've changed the name heading on this blog.

The url address is still the same, so no need to update your list of links. Just the name on the banner is different.

I've changed names on this blog once before, so it's not completely without precedent. Perhaps every 3 years or so I just get the urge.

In this case, since I'm retiring my "Better Know a City" project, I now envision this blog as being exclusively for book reviews and movie reviews, (with occassionally other opinions on political, religious, or social issues thrown in as the muse strikes me). And so I thought if I had a title that reflected the purpose, it would be less confusing to readers.

As for the old heading and description:
I think most of you have figured it out by now, but just in case anyone was still scratching their heads,
The old title was just my name written out in Japanese katakana (W).

The old description:
それは善きジョエルでもあれば、悪しきジョエルでもあった。知恵のジョエルであるとともに、愚痴のジョエルでもあった。信念のジョエルでもあれば、不信のジョエルでもあった。光明のジョエルでもあれば、暗黒のジョエルでもあった。希望のジョエルでもあれば、絶望のジョエルでもあった。 ~『二都物語』より~
was the introduction to "A Tale of Two Cities" in Japanese, with my name inserted into it in place of "times."
"It was the best of Joel, it was the worst of Joel, it was the Joel of wisdom, it was the Joel of foolishness, it was the Joel of belief, it was the Joel of incredulity, it was the Joel of Light, it was the Joel of Darkness, it was the Joel of hope, it was the Joel of despair."

In retrospect, maybe I was trying to get away with being too cute with a description like that.
However the idea was that most of the stuff in this blog is either just off the cuff, or still in rough draft form. (If I had any shame, I'd probably go through and delete half the stuff I've written for stylistic reasons alone.) And yet every once in a while, I have a post that I'm pretty proud of, if the reader is willing to wade through all the bad stuff to get to it. Thus "the best" and "the worst" of my writing both being showcased here on this blog. A trend that will continue, I'm sure, even if the name changes

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