Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Enough Time to Use Those Shorts

(Grammar Questions I Couldn't Answer)

This grammar point came not from a student, but from my Vietnamese girlfriend.  But since she's studying to take the IELTS test, I try to correct her on her grammar.

One morning, I was putting on a pair of shorts that I had worn several days in succession.  The girlfriend disapproved of this, and wanted to indicate to me that I had worn those shorts for too many days already.

"Enough time to use those shorts," she said.

I attempted to correct her mistake, but I got halfway into my explanation, and realized I didn't know exactly what the mistake was.
After all, we do use the word "enough" often to indicate that something has been going on for too long--e.g.  "that's enough!"  "You've been wearing those shorts for long enough!"

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