Friday, May 26, 2017

From Business Outsider:
Men are freaking out at Alamo Drafthouse for hosting ladies-only 'Wonder Woman' screenings

I think this is a bad idea, but not for the same reasons as the Men's Rights Activists.

One of the reasons that it took so long to get a Wonder Woman movie in the first place is because men are the main audience for dumb superhero movies, and studio execs are worried that men won't come out to see a movie about a female superheroine.
This is the same reason that it's taking Marvel so long to have a female superhero movie.

It's a dumb prejudice, granted, but it's a real prejudice that exists and it has to be dealt with.  The simple fact is, many men don't feel comfortable going to movies with woman as the leads.

Men need to be encouraged to attend these movies more.  The message should be that this is a movie for everyone, not just women.

By sending the message that the new Wonder Woman movie is a "ladies only" thing, they are shooting themselves in the foot.


Whisky Prajer said...

Must admit that, pretty girl aside, I've got zero interest in this movie, so it bothers not at all that the studio's setting up a girls' night out for it. There are two women in our house keen to see it, though.

Joel Swagman said...

Yeah, if I'm being perfectly honest, I might sit this one out as well. I haven't seen any movies in the DC cinematic Universe yet, and it almost seems a pity to break the streak.

On the other hand, the early reviews for this movie have apparently been pretty good. So they might get me after all.