Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Animal: Present Simple for Habits

(TESOL Worksheets--Present Simple, 3rd Person Singular S)

This activity was used with young children to encourage them to use the present simple for habits, and the 3rd person singular "s".  The students first see the slideshow with various funny animals.  (None of the pictures are mine, all of them are taken from a Google Images search).  The students are then encouraged to draw their own strange animal and write about its habits using the present simple with the 3rd person singular s.  (With the exception of the "can/can't).
In my own class, I used this to supplement English World 2 Unit 5 Grammar p.60.

My animal PowerPoint: driveslidespub
My animal Worksheet: drivedocspub

My Animal

In the morning it _______________________________________________________________.

It lives in ______________________________________________________________________.

It likes to eat ___________________________________________________________________.

It doesn’t like to eat _____________________________________________________________.

In the afternoon it ______________________________________________________________.

It likes to ______________________________________________________________________.

It doesn’t like to ________________________________________________________________.

In the evening it ________________________________________________________________.

It can _________________________________________________________________________.

It can’t ________________________________________________________________________.

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