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IELTS Writing Task 2: 2nd Teacher Feedback Form

(TESOL Worksheets--IELTS Writings Task 2)

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This is the fourth and final step in process writing for IELTS Writing Task 2.  (Following the Self-Editing Checklist, the Peer-Editing Checklist and the 1st Teacher Feedback Form).

In the first teacher feedback from, I provided very little feedback.  (I only underlined problem sentences, and did not provide any detailed written comments).  In this feedback form, I used my error coding sheet (from here) and also provided more detailed comments in the comment  section.  I also supplemented this with a short talk with each student.

The students were then instructed to re-write their essay one final time for a final draft.

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IELTS Task 2: Teacher Feedback Form (2nd Form)


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Is your essay divided into clear paragraphs (with line breaks in between the paragraphs)?

Do you have an introduction?

Do you have a conclusion?

Do you have between two or three body paragraphs?

Introduction Paragraph Structure:

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Is the first sentence a general statement about the topic?

Following the general statement, do you transition to the specific question?

Does the final sentence of your introduction contain the main idea of your essay?

Body Paragraph Structure:
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Does each body paragraph start with a clear topic sentence, which give the main idea of the paragraph?

Does every other sentence in the paragraph relate to the main idea in the topic sentence?

Is the topic sentence supported by supporting ideas and examples?

Which type of essay did you write: Choose only one.

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Agree and Disagree: Both sides
Did you introduce your own opinion in the conclusion?

Agree and Disagree: One Sided
Did you introduce your own opinion in the introduction, and then restate it in the conclusion using different words?

Other types of essays
Did you restate your opinions from the previous paragraphs in the conclusion using different words?

For all essay types:
Did you remember not to include any new information in your conclusion?


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Did you correctly choose the active or passive verb for each sentence?

In passive verbs, did you remember to use the “be +V3” form?

If the verb is not in the passive or continuous tense, you do not need to use a "be" verb.  Check to make sure there are no extra “be” verbs in your essay.

Parts of speech

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Go through the paper and make sure all the words are being correctly used as the appropriate part of speech.

Good job
Too short (You must write at least 250 words, or you will lose points)
Too long (You won’t lose any points if your essay is too long, but in the exam you will lose valuable time.)


Error Correction Codes
Wrong Article
A [A]moon goes around a [A] earth.
The moon goes around the earth.
Missing Article
[^A] Man looked funny.
The man looked funny.
Wrong Preposition
I'm interested of [Pr] science.
I'm interested in science.
Missing Preposition
The rabbit jumped [^Pr] the hole.
The rabbit jumped into the hole.
Wrong Word (Or Several Wrong Words)
The man ate breakfast [WW] in the evening.
The man ate dinner in the evening.
Missing Word
This is the man [^] hit me.
This is the man who hit me.
Two or More Missing Words or Missing Phrase
I got hit [^^] car.
I got hit by a car.
Missing Subject
[^S] will be good.
It will be good.
Missing Verb
Being a radio star [^V]
Being a radio star will be fun.
Wrong Part of Speech
I'm very interested in financial [WS].
I'm very interested in finances.
Number/ Singular or Plural problem.
I like cat [N].
I like cats.
Verb Tense Problem
He kick [VT] me yesterday.
He kicked me yesterday.
Verb Form Problem
I've gotten used to eat [VF] here every day.
I've gotten used to eating here every day.
Active Passive Verb Problem
A lot of problems experience [AP] here every day.
A lot of problems are experienced here every day.
Subject Verb Agreement Problem
He like [SV] dogs.
He likes dogs.
Punctuation Problem or Spacing Problem
Do you like dogs. [P]
Do you like dogs?
Capitalization Problem
I'm from america. [C]
I'm from America.
Possessive Form Problem
The students [Po] homework was finished at last.
The students' homework was finished at last.
Sentence Fragment
The best thing about fast food [SF]
The best thing about fast food is the price.
Form--Countable, uncountable, or other grammatical errors
I have a lot of homeworks [F].
I have a lot of homework.
Other Grammatical Problem

Word Order
He away walked [WO].
He walked away.
Spelling Problem
I like to eat peeza [Sp].
I like to eat pizza.
I Don't Understand What You Mean

New Paragraph

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