Monday, May 29, 2017

Present Simple Versus Present Continuous Walk Around the Room Questions

(TESOL Worksheets--Present Simple, Present Continuous)

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These questions are meant to be cut up and posted around the room.  The students walk around the room with a partner and talk about each question.  When they finish talking about a question, they move over to the next one.
The first 5 questions come from Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook Lesson 1B The Secrets of Long Life p.12-13.  The rest of the questions are my own.

What’s your typical working day?  (Or school day?)  Are you working on anything new at the moment?  (Or studying anything new?)
How do you spend your free time?  Are you getting much exercise?
Do you often read novels?  Are you reading anything at the moment?
Where do you normally go on holiday?  Are you planning your holidays for this year?
Do you speak any other languages?  Are you learning any new languages?
What clothes do you wear every day?  What are you wearing now?
Does your teacher normally let you bring food or drinks into the classroom?  Are you eating or drinking anything now?
How much TV do you usually watch every day?  Are you watching any interesting TV series at the moment?
What are some traditions in your country?  Are any traditions changing nowadays?
What is the weather usually like in your city?  What is the weather like now?
What does your teacher usually act like in the classroom?  What is your teacher doing now?
What does your family usually do at this time of day?  What is your family doing now?
How do you usually feel at this time of day?  How are you feeling now?

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