Sunday, April 16, 2017

Human Bingo With Make and Feel Collocations

(TESOL Worksheets--Vocabulary)

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A standard Human Bingo game with Make and Feel collocations.  First students write in the appropriate word.  Then teacher checks answers with whole class feedback.  Then the game is played.  In my classes, I used this game to supplement Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook Lesson 7C Twenty-First Century Cowboys p.86-87

Have you _____ any mistakes today?
Did you _____ exercise yesterday?
Have you _____ plans for your next vacation?
Did you _____ any phone calls today?
Do you _____ the laundry at your house?
Did you _____ your bed this morning?
Did you _____ breakfast this morning?
Did you _____ any promises this morning?
Have you _____ any complaints to anyone this week?
Have you ever _____ a cake?
Did you _____ your homework last night?
Did you _____ any money today?
Have you _____ any predictions this week?
Have you ever had to _____ a speech?
Did you _____ someone a favor today?
Did you _____ any suggestions today?
Is it easy for you to _____ friends in a new place?
Did you _____ well on your last test?
Did you _____ a cup of coffee today?
Have you _____ any decisions today?
Did you have to _____ up your mind about anything recently?
Do you usually _____ a reservation before going to a restaurant?
Did you _____ the dishes yesterday?
Do onions _____ your eyes water?

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