Tuesday, April 04, 2017

More interesting videos from Historia Civilis:

Historia Civilis just published a new video: His Year(s) - Pompey (56 to 52 B.C.E.)

Historia Civilis's videos tend to come in two types: videos about the political history of the Roman Republic, and videos about the military history of the Roman Republic.  I'm much more interested in the former than the latter, so I tend to largely ignore his military videos.  But boy oh boy do I eat up his videos on Rome's political scene.  As I've written before.  Despite the minimalist graphics, Historia Civilis does a good job of getting into the nitty-gritty details of Roman politics, political maneuvers, and electioneering.

Most of the events in this video were covered by the book on Cicero I just finished reading.  (And if I go even further back in my reading list, these events were also covered in Caesar by Colleen McCullough, which I read some 10 years ago.)
And the street fighting between Milo and Clodius was something I wrote about in my college paper: Organized Gang Warfare in the Late Republic .

See also Dan Carlin.

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