Monday, April 17, 2017

TEFLology Podcast: Episode 58: TESOL2017 Convention & Miguel Mendoza

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New episode is online HERE.

I don't really have any organized thoughts, but I'll give my thoughts in scattered form below.

* I like the idea of chatting about the flavor and tone of the conference in general.  It's a great way for listeners like me, who don't go to any of the International TESOL conferences, to still feel that their somewhat in the loop by listening to this report.

* Interesting to hear about the politically charged nature of the conference, and how the Trump Presidency is affecting everything.

* Interesting about the panel discussion with Scott Thornbury on inclusivity in textbooks.  I recently watched a Youtube video where Scott Thornbory was talking with someone at a conference about the same issue, and now I'm wondering if they're related.  (VIDEO HERE).

* The interview with Miguel Mendoza was interesting.
Although it left me slightly confused.
At times Miguel Mendoza seemed to be implying that conditions were very bad in  the Venezuelan education system because of the government neglect.  But at times he seemed to be implying that the Venezuelan government was intentionally making the education system as bad as possible to get rid of all the smart and educated people.
I don't know anything about Venezuelan politics, but I almost found this hard to believe.  I guess there are historical precedents of repressive governments targeting educated people (the Khmer Rouge is an extreme example), but usually the repressive governments try to co-opt the educated people, not drive them all out of the country.  Is this really what is going on in Venezuela?

* An apology to the TEFLologists for not rating and reviewing them on itunes.  I don't have an itunes account.  (I listen on the Podkicker App).  And it seems like too much trouble to sign up.

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