Thursday, April 20, 2017

Interesting Random Facts

All The Cats Join In
* Battle Creek
Bonkers: I Oughta Be in Toons
* Cliffhanger
Death is a poor way of getting rid of one's enemy
Eartha Kitt Anti-War Controversy
Ferdinand the Bull
* Gibeonites
Gyro Gearloose
Johan and Peewit
* Herostratus
History Repeats Itself: The First Time as Tragedy, The Second Time as Farce
* Holy Cow
How Jack Kirby Characters from the 1970s Figured in the Superman Comic books of the Early 1990s
Jesus was actually born around 4 BC
Names of the Days of the Week
Old Man Trump by Woody Guthrie
Orange: Fruit or Color
* Phan Chu Trinh
Sunday is the Lord's Day
The Chinese Zodiac and the Cat
The Death of James, son of Zebedee
* The Founding of Rome
* The Grand Old Duke of York
* The Kingdom of Kush
The Mormon Kingdom on Beaver Island, Michigan
Vermin Supreme
* Yawning

So... back in April of 2006, when I was spending waaaay too much time on the Internet, I started looking up all kinds of random stuff on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is catnip to someone like me.
Not everyone can dig it, and that's okay.  (Different people come in different personality types.)   But for someone like me, who is nerdy enough to be obsessed with this kind of trivia, but at the same time scatterbrained enough that I don't have the patience for reading long books---for someone of that temperament, the Internet in general and Wikipedia specifically easily becomes an obsession for learning random interesting facts in small bite-sized chunks.

But of course, what fun is learning all of this interesting trivia if you can't share it with the world?

So I started including a "Useless Wikipedia Fact" as an addendum to every blog post (from April 13, 2006).
It was a fun idea, but once I had established the format,  I felt like I had to add a "Useless Wikipedia Fact" to every blog post whether I had anything interesting or not.  (That's the problem with being too anal retentive about these projects.)  So I abandoned the whole thing a year later.

It was for the best.  (90% of my Useless Wikipedia Facts weren't really that interesting anyway).  But it did deprive me of an outlet to post the random interesting stuff I would sometimes come across when surfing the Internet.

This past week alone I've felt like I've come across several interesting little nuggets of information. (Probably a sign I'm spending too much time online). Nothing political or particularly relevant to people's lives--just trivia I find interesting.

So, I'm going to experiment with a new format here.  I'm going to start posting some of the random interesting facts I come across online.  I'm not going to do it at the end of every blog post, but just post it as it's own separate mini-blog post.
I'm not going to commit to anything.  It will be as often or as seldom as I feel like it.   I might post 3 interesting facts in one day, or go for half a year without posting any interesting facts.

Not all of it will come from Wikipedia.  (I'll allow myself to use other sources of information as well).  But probably the vast majority of it will, because this is exactly the kind of thing that Wikipedia is perfect for.

I'll collect all of these interesting random facts in an index, which I'll do at the top of this post.

Link of the Day
Noam Chomsky, "Neo-Liberalism: An Accounting"

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