Thursday, December 26, 2013

Human Bingo--Present Tense Versus Present Continuous

(TESOL Worksheets--Present Simple, Present Continuous)
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[Similar to Find Someone Who.  Students need to walk around the class and find someone who can answer yes to the questions.  If they can get a yes, they can cross out a box.  They need 5 in a row to win.  The idea for human bingo is not originally mine, but this worksheet was adopted by me so I'm including it here.  The 3rd question on the top was deliberately designed for my specific area, and would need to be changed for another city.  Also some of the formatting was lost with the transition to blogger.  Ideally all the boxes should be the same shape, and a landscape view might work better.  But you get the idea at least.]

Gets up at 7:00
Doesn’t Like chocolate
Is not from Phnom Penh
Is married
Has a dog
Lives in an apartment
Likes to go bowling
Favorite color is green
Favorite class is English
Has more brothers than sisters
Drinks coffee
Eats health food
Likes to swim
Is studying a subject besides English
Sometimes forgets to brush their teeth
Takes a shower in the morning
Is wearing black shoes
Wears contact lenses
Is dating someone from another country
Eats lunch at 12 noon
walks to school
Is studying at more than one school
Has a pet
Drinks milk at breakfast

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