Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Find Someone Who Game

(TESOL Worksheets--Icebreakers)
Basic Version: drive, docs, pub
More advanced version: drive, docs, pub
Easy Version: drive, docs, pub
[An icebreaker to use on the first day of class.  I've got several different versions of this, depending on the level.  For a slightly higher class, a version that includes a couple questions in which the object is to look for negative answers. For younger learners, I find it less confusing to just give them the question form, and change the game to "Find someone who can say yes."  I also will sometimes have them make up their own questions as an expansion activity.  One version is on Google Docs here.]

Find Someone Who Game

Walk around the classroom and talk to your new classmates.   Try and find someone’s name for each number.  Think about how you will change each number into a question.

Example: Find someone who likes cats.
Question: Do you like cats?

Find someone who…

11.      Likes cats____________

22.      Has a pet _____________

33.      Likes pizza_____________

44.      Can swim______________

55.      Was born in January_________

66.      Is good at math_________

77.      Has more than one watch___________

88.      Drank coffee at breakfast today_________

99.      Is an only child__________

110.  Likes to draw_________

111.  Has more than one brother__________

112.  Loves to read_________

113.  Has a birthday in January____________

114.  Likes chocolate_________

115.  Plays a sport___________

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