Saturday, December 07, 2013

Find Your Partner--Short Answer

(TESOL Worksheets--Short Answers)
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[A standard find your partner game.  Cut up the boxes and distribute it to students.  The students then have to walk around the room to find a partner who can match their question or answer.  This worksheet lost a little bit out of format when copying and pasting to blogger.  Ideally all the cards should be the same size.  But this should be easily fixable if you copy and paste it back into microsoft word.]

Do you play ice hockey?

Yes, I do.
Have you ever walked on the moon?
No, I haven’t.
Are you studying English right now?
Yes I am.
Were you born in Cambodia?
Yes I was
Did you eat breakfast today?
Yes, I did.
Is it snowing now?

No, it isn’t
Is your brother a student?
Yes, he is
Does your mother cook delicious food?
Yes, she does.
Were the Beatles very famous?
Yes, they were.
Are the students in this class happy?
Yes, they are.

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