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Present Perfect Board Game

(TESOL Worksheets--Present Perfect)
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[A board game I created using the present perfect (using the board template that a colleague gave me.)  The students are put into groups of 3 or 4.  One person rolls the die, and advances forward that number of spaces.  They then have to use the cues on the board to make a question in the present perfect ("Have you ever + V3") to another player.  If the other player answers yes, they can stay on that space.  If the other player answers no, they have to return to where they were before they rolled the die.  (In other words, they can not advance any squares for that turn.)  Thus, much of the strategy for this game involves choosing which other player you think has done the action indicated.  Obviously this game will break down if students start intentionally saying no to everything to disadvantage their opponents, but I haven't had it completely fall apart yet.  Although one group got into a very spirited discussion about the honesty of some of the replies, but that was all part of the fun I figured.
If the person who is asked the question answers yes, and if they are able to give more supporting details about their experience (2 sentences minimum) then they will then have the next turn at play.  If they answer no, or if they are unable to give supporting details, then play just keeps moving left.

Spaces with arrows on it are free spaces.  If a player lands on those spaces, they can go to that space without having to ask any questions.
I designed this game as an alternative to the Present Perfect game that was in the Lifestyles Elementary textbook, because I was unimpressed with that game.  But I did re-use their questions, and the first 11 questions on this board game come from the Lifestyles book.  For much of the rest, I stole from myself, and re-used questions from here and here.  
The formatting of this game got completely mangled when I copied and pasted it onto this blog.  The Google Document preview also mangles the formatting a bit, but if you download the Google Document file, the original formatting should be preserved.]
Update: I wanted to re-use this game for a class that had already done it once.  So I created a second version with different questions: drive, docs, pub


live in a different country
live in a place that you didn’t like
contact an old friend on the Internet
go on holiday with friends
forget a friend’s birthday
speak English on the telephone at work
be late for work
lose your wallet
be bitten by a dog
stay up all night
try riding a skateboard
fall asleep while talking on the phone
shake hands with a monkey
book a holiday on the Internet
meet someone who has six fingers on one hand
go to America
forget your mother’s birthday
drive a car
drink coffee late at night
write a story
ride an elephant
speak English on holiday
watch a movie in English
eat dog meat
cry at the cinema
read War and Peace
study French
laugh when you were drinking something and it came out your nose
visit another country on business
help your mom cook dinner
do volunteer work
sing in the shower
sing karaoke
write a love letter
receive a love letter
go to another country
go swimming in the river
sleep in till noon
see a crocodile
let your pet sleep in or on your bed with you
forget to do your homework
tell a lie
eat frog legs

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