Saturday, January 04, 2014

Have You Ever Game--Review Present Perfect for Experiences

[Have all the students stand up.  The teacher reads sentences starting with "Have you ever..."  Students who have not had this experience sit down.  (Or alternatively, students who have had this experience sit down.)  Continue until all students are sitting down, or there is only one student left standing.]

Have you ever…

been to America?

been to another country?

eaten frog legs?
told a lie?

forgotten to do your homework?

let your pet sleep in or on your bed with you?

seen a crocodile?

slept in till noon?

gone swimming in the river?

helped your mom cook dinner?

watched a movie in English?

met someone who has six fingers?

lost your wallet?

been bitten by a dog?

stayed up all night?

forgotten your mother's birthday?

tried riding a skateboard?

fallen asleep while talking on the phone?

shaken hands with a monkey?

ridden an elephant?

laughed when you were drinking something, and it came out your nose?

received a love letter?

sung karaoke?

done volunteer work

sung in the shower

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