Friday, September 19, 2003

English World 5

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks)

Quizlet Folder HERE
* Quizlet English World 5 Unit 1 Vocabulary
* Quizlet English World 5 Unit 2 Vocabulary
Quizlet English World 5 Unit 3 Vocabulary

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Unit 1 
Reading p.22-24
* Various Activities
Grammar p.25
* Past Continuous Mingle Activity
Write Your own Sentence: While + Past Continuous + Past Simple
While + Past Continuous + Past Simple Scrambled Sentences
While + Past Continuous + Past Simple Slideshow
Grammar in Conversation p.26
Find Someone Who: Used To
Dictation: Used To
Used To: Guess Your Partner's Answers
It’s All Over Now by The Rolling Stones--Use for "Used to"
Used To Sentences. Two Truths and One Lie
Slideshow for "used to"
Phonics p.27
* Slideshow and Quizlet
Unit 2
Grammar in Conversation p.34
"Have to" Crossword Puzzle
"Have to" Mingle
* Unit 2 Vocabulary
Unit 3
Active Passive Scrambled Sentences
Passive Forms Crossword Puzzle--Present Simple
Active and Passive Meanings
Tom and Jerry Active and Passive Present Tense
Slideshow for Drilling Passives
Passive Verb sentence tables and arrows
* Unit 3 Vocabulary
Unit 4
Have You Ever Game--Review Present Perfect for Experiences  
Present Perfect for Experiences--Find Someone Who (student generated questions)
Present Perfect for Experiences--Find Someone Who can say yes 
Present Perfect Crossword 
2 Truths and 1 Lie (Present Perfect for experiences) 
Verb 1 to Verb 3 Crossword--Irregular Verbs
Present Perfect Form 
Present Perfect Interview Survey 
Unit 6 Grammar
Relative Clauses: Who and Which Grab the Card Game
Relative Clauses Scrambled Sentences
* "-er Nouns" for Relative clauses
Unit 7
* LINK: For or Since Exercise Worksheet (Present Perfect Tense)
Unit 8
* The Gruffalo: Use to show definite and indefinite articles. "a mouse", "the mouse", "a gruffalo", "the Gruffalo", "a nut", "the nut" (first time mentioned is "a", subsequent mentions are "the")
Unit 9
Nonsuch Palace
Country Mouse and City Mouse 
Doraemon PowerPoint Game: Past Simple Passive
Slideshow for Drilling Passives
Passive Forms Crossword puzzle--Present Simple and Past Simple
Active Versus Passive Form Worksheet Present Simple and Past Simple
Present Passive versus Past Passive 
Present Passive and Past Passive: Find Your Partner
Doraemon game for present simple passive and past simple passive
Unit 10
* Unit 10 Vocabulary
Second Conditional Conversation Prompts
Second Conditional Formation
Second Conditional Brain Storm Activity 
Second Conditional Story 
If I Were a Boy by Beyonce 
Second Conditional Karuta
1st Conditional Versus 2nd Conditional Worksheet  
1st and 2nd Conditional Board Game 
1st and 2nd Conditional Memory Game 
Unit 11
* LINK Mary Seacole Youtube Video (this was above my students' comprehension level, but I just put it on in the background, and it increased their interest in the story)
Reported Speech Worksheet: Present tense to past tense

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