Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Passive Verbs

(TESOL Ideas and Worksheets Subdivisions)

Slideshow for Drilling Passives
--Past Simple Passive
Nonsuch Palace
Country Mouse and City Mouse 
--Present Perfect Passive
Present Perfect Active and Passive Crossword Puzzle 
--Present Simple Passive
*Active/Passive Review
Active and Passive Meanings
Tom and Jerry Active and Passive Present Simple 
Passive Form Worksheet--Present Simple
Passive Form Crossword Puzzle--Present Simple
The Banks are Made of Marble by Pete Seeger 
Active Passive Scrambled Sentences 
Picture Identification
What Are Little Boys Made Of
Passive Sentences Tables and Arrows
Conversation Prompts with Present Passive Sentences
--Will Future Passive
Fortune Teller for Future Passives
Future Passives Shouting Dictation
Naruto Bomb Game Future Passives
--Present Simple and Past Simple Passive
Passive Forms Crossword puzzle--Present Simple and Past Simple
Active Versus Passive Form Worksheet Present Simple and Past Simple
Present Passive versus Past Passive 
Present Passive and Past Passive: Find Your Partner
 --Present, Past, Present Perfect Passive
Active/Passive Review: Present, Past, Present Perfect
Find Your Partner: Active and Passive Sentences for Present, Past, and Present Perfect 
--Present Simple and Present Continuous Passive
Passive Form Worksheet--Present Simple and Present Continuous
Active/ Passive Find Your Partner Game Present Simple and Present Continuous
--Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect Passive
PowerPoint Game for Active Passive Verbs: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect
Active Passive Find Your Partner Game (Present Simple, Present Continuous and Present Perfect)

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