Friday, April 25, 2014

Find Your Partner: Active and Passive Sentences for Present, Past, and Present Perfect

(TESOL Worksheets--Passive Verbs)
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[This is an activity to practice passive forms for present simple, past simple, and present perfect simple.  Students are given a sentence, and have to find another student with the corresponding active or passive sentence with the same tense and meaning.]

He eats the hamburger.
The hamburger is eaten by him.
He ate the hamburger.
The hamburger was eaten by him.
He has eaten the hamburger.
The hamburger has been eaten by him.
He drinks the coffee.
The coffee is drunk by him.
He drank the coffee.
The coffee was drunk by him.
He has drunk the coffee.
The coffee has been drunk by him.
John writes books.
Books are written by John.
John wrote books.
Books were written by John.
John has written books.
Books have been written by John.
He wakes the baby.
The baby is woken by him.
He woke the baby.
The baby was woken by him.
He has woken the baby.
The baby has been woken by him.
The dog bites the man.
The man is bitten by the dog.
The dog bit the man.
The man was bitten by the dog.
The dog has bitten the man.
The man has been bitten by the dog.
John teaches Mary.
Mary is taught by John.
John taught Mary.
Mary was taught by John.
John has taught Mary.
Mary has been taught by John.
He drives a car.
A car is driven by him.
He drove a car.
A car was driven by him.
He has driven a car.
A car has been driven by him.

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