Friday, April 11, 2014

Human Bingo: Will, Will not, Might

(TESOL Worksheet--Future Forms, Will, Going to
will, will not, might: drive, docs, pub
am going to, am not going to, may: drive, docs, pub
[This is a human bingo activity.  First, students complete the table with modals will, will not, or might to make sentences that are true for their situation.  Then, students walk around the class and compare their answers with their classmates.  If they have the same answer as a classmate, they may write a big "S" in that square.  If they have a different answer than a classmate, they write a big "D" in that particular square.  If they can get a bingo (5 of the same letter in a row), they win the game and can go back to their seat.I also created a different version of this worksheet for a different class in which the textbook was using "may" versus "going to".  That version on google docs here.]

Complete the sentences using will, will not, or might. Make sentences that are true for your situation
I ______ watch TV tonight.
I _________ study abroad in the future.
I ________ enter politics in the future.
I ________ meet my friends this weekend.
I __________ cook dinner tonight.
I ________ clean my room this weekend.
I __________ exercise tomorrow.
I _________ take a trip next month.
I __________ drink coffee tomorrow morning.
I __________ go to America in the future.
I _________ write a book in the future.
I _________ pass my exams this term.
I __________ walk home after school.
I _________ study English tonight after school.
I ________ go to the cinema this weekend.
I ___________ get a job as a teacher in the future.
I __________ go shopping this weekend.
I _________ play sports tomorrow.
I _________  play video games tomorrow.
I _________ use the Internet tonight.
I __________ eat vegetables tonight.
I _________ travel the world someday.
I _________ get at least 8 hours sleep tonight.
I ___________ read a book before bed tonight.

                Now, walk around the class and  compare your answers with your classmates.  If someone has written the same sentence as you, write a big S in the box.  If someone has written a different sentence than you, write a big D in the box.  See if you can get 5 ss or 5 Ds in a row.

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