Thursday, April 17, 2014

Modal Verb Karuta

(TESOL Worksheets--Modal Verbs)
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[This game is set up to work like the Japanese card game Karuta (W).  The students are divided up into groups of three or four, and each group has a set of cards that are spread out face-up among their desks.  The teacher reads from a list of sentences describing a situation (the students do not see the list of situation sentences) and the students have to find the matching modal verb sentence.  The first student in each group to place their hand on the correct card gets to keep that card.  The winner is the student with the most cards at the end.
Update: I've added a slide show to this, so that in chaotic classrooms, I can show the answer on screen rather than having to shout: slides, pub]

1. I failed the test.
2. This movie theater is too loud.
3. It's not raining anymore.
4. The house is a mess.
5. My English teacher last year was very strict.
6. I have a test next week.
7. The dress code at my school was very strict last year.
8. We're going to eat at a very expensive restaurant tonight.
9.  I should go to bed early tonight.
10. A group of us are going out for dinner tomorrow night after work.
11. I feel sick.
12. The old lifeguard at the pool used to be very strict.
13. The ground is really hot.
14. My old teacher was very easy.
15.  There were no traffic police in my old town.
16. You spent way too much money on my Christmas gift.
17. I am so tired of studying.
18. Julie is very angry with you.
19. My friend's birthday is coming up soon.
20. It's raining very hard.

I should have studied harder.
People shouldn't talk on their phones during the movie.

I don't need to bring my umbrella.

I really must clean it someday.

We had to do English homework every day.

I should study hard.

We needed to wear a shirt and tie.
So you mustn't spoil your appetite by eating too many snacks now.

I have to wake up at 5 AM for an early meeting.
You can join us if you want, but if you feel tired you don't have to come.

I shouldn't have eaten all that candy.

We weren't allowed to go swimming after we ate.

You need to wear shoes if you're going to walk here.

We didn't need to study at all.

You didn't have to stop at the red lights if you didn't want to.

You didn't have to spend so much money on me.

I need to take a short break.

You shouldn't have said those mean things to her.

I must buy a present for her.

You definitely need your umbrella.

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