Thursday, April 03, 2014

1st and 2nd Conditional Memory Game

(TESOL Worksheets--1st Conditional, 2nd Conditional)
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[This is designed to work as a memory game.  Just like in the normal memory card game, all the cards are face down on the desk, and the students take turn turning over cards to try and make a matching pair.
Because my students were getting confused during this game, I found it useful to write the structure of 1st and 2nd conditionals on the board before playing, and then monitoring to make sure they weren't mixing the two forms up.
These cards could also be used for a "find your partner" game.]

If I were a dog
I would chase cats all day
If I have money
I will buy you something nice
If I were 95
I would be too old to skateboard
If I have homework tonight
I won't be able to watch TV
If I were a rich man
I would buy myself an island
If he gets sick
he won't be able to come to school
If I were invisible
I would rob a bank and no one would see me
If you  eat too much candy
you will get a stomach ache
If I were a pizza
I would eat myself
If I study hard
I will pass the test
If I were a mouse
I would eat cheese all day
If I pass the test
I will celebrate
If I could fly
I would build a house in the clouds
If it rains
I will wear my raincoat
If mice had wings
cats wouldn't be able to catch them
If it doesn't rain tomorrow
we will go to the beach
If I were a honey bee
I would travel for from flower to flower
If I had a fly in my stomach
I would swallow a spider to catch the fly
If I go to the zoo
I will see the tigers
If I forget to eat breakfast
I will be hungry in the morning

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