Friday, June 06, 2014

Passive Picture Identification

(TESOL Worksheets--Present Simple Passive)
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[Teach for comprehension.   Students have to match the correct sentences to the picture. None of the pictures are mine, but are collected from around the web.]

Directions: Read the sentences, and decide which sentences go with the picture below.  Two sentences are correct and two sentences are incorrect.  Put a check by the correct sentences and a cross X by the incorrect sentences.

_____The man drives the car.
_____The man is driven by the car. 
_____The car drives the man.
_____The car is driven by the man.

_____The mouse is chased by the cat.
_____The cat is chased by the mouse.
_____The mouse chases the cat.
_____The cat chases the mouse.

_____The cats play chess.
_____Chess plays the cats.
_____The cats are played by chess.
_____Chess is played by the cats.

_____Japanese writes the cat.
_____The cat is written by Japanese.
_____Japanese is written by the cat.
_____The cat writes Japanese.

_____The book reads the dogs.
_____The dogs read the book.
_____The book is read by the dogs.
_____The dogs are read by the book.

_____She eats an apple.
_____An apple eats her.
_____She is eaten by an apple.
_____An apple is eaten by her.

_____The bucket kicks him.
_____The bucket is kicked by him.
_____He is kicked by the bucket.
_____He kicks the bucket.

_____The motorcycle rides the mouse.
_____The mouse rides the motorcycle.
_____The mouse is ridden by the motorcycle.
_____The motorcycle is ridden by the mouse.


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