Sunday, June 15, 2014

Present Perfect Crossword Puzzle

(TESOL Worksheets--Present Perfect)
[This is another crossword that I made using  The google docs version is here, the answer sheet is here, and the questions are below.]

I _____________ frog legs before. (eat) [have eaten]
She___________ 10 books. (write) [has written]
We_________  over 100 miles. (walk) [have walked]
Who__________ all my coffee? (drink) [has drunk]
They ____________ a thousand songs. (sing) [have sung]
I _________ across the Mississippi River. (swim) [have swum]
I __________ 1,000 miles. (run) [have run]
He __________ all the books for the test. (read) [has read]
John __________  his wallet. (find) [has found]
Mary ____________ on the train before. (ride) [has ridden]
I _________  the test already. (finish) [have finished]
I ____________   a very expensive car before. (drive) [have driven]
He __________ many houses in this town. (build) [has built]
I ___________ that movie before. (see) [have seen]
I _____________ all the windows in the school. (break) [have broken]
I ______________ to the President. (speak) [have spoken]
They _________ all over the world in an airplane. (fly) [have flown]
I _____________ English. (study) [have studied]
I __________ on the beach before. (sleep) [have slept]
I ____________ about this for a long time. (think) [have thought]
We ________  to over 100 countries. (go) [Hint--remember V3 of "go" can be either "gone" or "been".  Use "been" here.] [have been]
I ___________ how to speak Chinese. (learn) [Hint--remember V3 of "learn" can be either "learnt" or "learned".  Use "learned" here.] [have learned]
John _______________ all over the world. (travel) [Hint--remember V3 of "travel" can be either "travelled" or "traveled".  Use "traveled" here] [has traveled]

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