Monday, June 30, 2014

Wish: Crossword Puzzle

[This is supposed to be a crossword puzzle.  Unfortunately blogger formatting can't handle a crossword puzzle.  So I'm just going to post the questions and answers here.  To make it into a crossword, go to a free crossword puzzle maker site, like Amored Penguin.    The answers are in the []brackets. This crossword puzzle is designed for younger learners, to make them focus on the form of wish sentences.]

I wish I ________ Chinese. (understand)  [understand]
I wish I _____ pizza every day. (eat) [ate]
I wish I _____ fly. (can) [could]
I wish I _____ taller. (am) [was]
I wish I ________ a fast car. (drive) [drove]
I wish I __________ so many enemies. (don't have) [didn't have]
I wish I _______ like Shakespeare. (write) [wrote]
I wish I ________ really nice clothes. (wear) [wore]
I wish I _______ turn everything I touched into gold. (can) [could]
I wish my parents ________ so much about my life. (don't know)[didn't know]
I wish I _________ such a bad cook. (am not) [wasn't]
I wish I ________ lots of money. (have) [had]
I wish I _____ like a cheetah. (run) [ran]
I wish I _______ like a fish. (swim) [swam]
I wish I ___________ do homework every night. (don't have to) [didn't have to]
I wish I __________ soccer very well. (play) [played]
I wish that sausage _______ stuck up your nose. (is) [was]
I wish everyone _________ happily. (live)  [lived]
I wish I ______ in the land of cotton. (am) [was]
I wish I ______ like an artist. (draw) [drew]
I wish my parents ___________ make me clean. (won't) [wouldn't]
I wish I ________ more about the world. (know) [knew]
I wish my teacher _____ give us less homework. (will) [wouldn't]
I wish I ______ like an angel. (sing) [sang]

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