Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Find Someone Who: Past Perfect

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[This is a re-working of this worksheet here, but for a lesson focusing only on the past perfect]
Find someone who can say yes.
11.        Had you woken up by 6:00 am this morning?_______________________
22.       Had you eaten breakfast by 8:00 am this morning? ______________________
33.       Had you come to school by 9:00 am this morning? ________________________
44.       Had you brushed your teeth by 7:00 am this morning? _____________________
55.       Had you done your homework by 6:00 pm last night? ____________________
66.       Had you cleaned your room by 9:00 pm last night? ____________________
77.       Had you gone to bed by 10:00 pm last night?_________________________
88.       Had you eaten dinner by 7 pm last night? _____________________________
99.       Had you used a computer by 9 am this morning?______________________
110.   Had you made a phone call by 9 am this morning? ________________________________
111.   Had you opened a book by 9 am this morning?_________________________
112.   Had you drunk coffee by 9 am this morning? _____________________
113.   Had you listened to music by 9 am this morning?___________________________
114.   Had you made your bed by 8 am this morning?__________________

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