Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Verb 1 to Verb 3 Crossword--Irregular Verbs

(TESOL Worksheets--Irregular Verbs)
This is another crossword that I made using  The google docs version is here, the answer sheet is here.  The purpose is for students to convert irregular verbs from V1 to V3.  The list of verbs used are below.]

Arise Arisen
Awake Awoken               
Be Been
Become Become
Begin Begun
Bite Bitten
Blow Blown
Break Broken
Bring Brought
Build Built
Buy Bought
Catch Caught
Choose Chosen               
Come Come
Cut Cut
Dig Dug
Do Done
Draw Drawn
Drink Drunk
Drive Driven
Eat Eaten
Fall Fallen
Feed Fed
Feel Felt
Fight Fought
Find Found
Fly Flown
Forget Forgotten
Freeze  Frozen
Give Given
Grow Grown
Have Had
Hear Heard
Hide Hidden
Hit Hit
Hold Held
Hurt Hurt
Keep Kept
Know Known
Leave Left
Let Let
Lose Lost
Make Made
Meet Met
Mistake Mistaken
Misunderstand Misunderstood
Put Put
Quit Quit
Read Read
Ride Ridden
Ring Rung
Rise Risen
Run Run
Say Said
See Seen
Sell Sold
Send Sent
Set Set
Shake Shaken

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