Monday, September 22, 2003


Seminar Evaluation Form
Student Speaking Assessment Form
Conversation Topics
* LINK: Silly English Conversation Questions
Presentation Feedback Forms for English for Academic Purposes Classes
Speaking Practice for Very Young Learners: Name, Age, Hobby
* LINK: Improv Role Plays for ESL Students by Diana Funtana
Phone Call Situations 
Persuasion Situations
Gift Cards for Speaking Activity
Speaking for Pre-Intermediate Students--Topics about daily life--Speed Dating
Request Cards (For Eliciting Ways to Say No)
Describing Jobs
Daily Routines
Speaking Activity: Create Your Own School
Discussing School Subjects
Discussing Teachers
Describe Everyday Objects
Self-Introduction Speaking Activity
* Speaking Role Play: Calling Customer Service About Problems with an Online Order
Mingle Activity for Talking About Free Time Activities
Stages of Life Speaking / Writing Activities
* LINK: Questions for talking about Food
* LINK: At the Restaurant
Circle Time: Conversation Topics for Young Learner Elementary Students (Just the Links)
Famous Photos in History: Speaking Activity
* Hypothetical Questions Mingle Sheet
* LINK: Let's Talk About Movies
Review Your Favorite Movie
* Speaking Lesson: Problems with Technology
*LINK: Conversation Questions Jobs and Technology
* LINK: Speaking About Inventions
Agreement or Disagreement: Discussion Questions
* LINK: CAT: A framework for Dogme by Ken Lackman
Telling Your Stories
* LINK: Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom
Speaking Test Feedback Form
Ready, Set, Talk!
Forms for Peer Evaluation of Student Presentations
Guess Who
* Interview a Celebrity
* LINK: Complaining in English
* Conversation Cards for Making Suggestions
Worksheet for Planning a Trip Project
20 Questions Speaking Lessons
Expressions and Topics for Agreeing and Disagreeing
Small Talk
Lesson on Turn Taking (Speaking)

IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cards (Just the Links)
Speaking Part 2 Checklists
IELTS Speaking Part 2: What to do with questions you can't answer?
Part 2 or Part 3
IELTS Part 3 Hypothetical Questions
* LINK: IELTS Speaking Part 2 Game
* LINK: IELTS Part 3 Worksheets
* LINK: More IELTS part 3 Worksheets
Using Writing to Practice IELTS Speaking Part 2


* LINK: Fox in Socks 
Words ending with /nk/, /nd/, and /nt/ 
Using TV and Movie Clips to Teach Pronunciation 
Regular Past Simple Pronunciation Slap the Board Game
Pronunciation of regular past tense endings
Falling Leaves: Words ending with "ck" 
Using The Great Dictator Speech to Listen for Stress, Varying Speed, and Pauses
A Poem A Day
Pronunciation Battleship
The Two G Sounds--Sesame Street
Crossword Puzzle The letter "o" sounds like "u" 

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