Friday, January 08, 2016

Speaking Role Play: Calling Customer Service About Problems with an Online Order

(TESOL Worksheets--Speaking)
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[This is a serious of role playing cards between a customer and a customer service assistant.  It was designed to supplement a lesson from Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook p.64, put perhaps it can also stand independently, especially as role playing telephone conversations are so common in TESOL textbooks.]

You ordered a new watch.  It was supposed to arrive three days ago, but it still hasn’t come yet.  Phone up customer service to find out what is wrong.

You ordered a clock.  It arrived on time, but it was already broken when you opened the box.  Phone up customer service to try to get either a new clock or a refund.
You ordered a new phone, but the company sent you a watch instead.  You don’t want the watch.  Phone up customer service to try to get the product you actually want.

You ordered a calculator.  It arrived on time, and there is nothing wrong with it.  But you’ve changed your mind, and decided you don’t want it anymore.  Phone up customer service to see if they’ll take it back and give you a refund.

You ordered a watch.  It arrived on time, and there’s nothing wrong with it.  But you live alone, and you’re very lonely.  You want someone to talk to.  Phone up customer service, and try to get them to have a conversation with you about something.

You ordered a new computer for your father’s birthday.  Your father’s birthday is tomorrow, but the company website says it takes one week to deliver.  Call up customer service and see if there’s anyway they can deliver it by tomorrow.
You had a little bit too much to drink last night, and got on your computer and ordered a lot of things that you don’t need.  Now, you regret having ordered so much stuff.  Call up customer service, and see if you can get them to cancel your order.

The order arrived on time, the delivery man was very polite, and the product was perfect.  Call up customer service to congratulate the company on a job well-done.  Tell them how happy you are with their service.
Your new smart phone arrived today, but it’s the wrong colour.  Call up customer service to complain, and see if they can switch the phone to the colour you want.

Every time you order from this company, they manage to get your order wrong.  Every single time.  This is getting ridiculous now.  Call up the company to let them know what a terrible job they’ve been doing.

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