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Peter Pan (1953) Movie Worksheets Designed for Adult Students (Unfinished)--Just the Links Version

[This post is an exact duplicate of the previous post.   The only difference is that the previous post contained all the worksheets and PowerPoints embedded, which sometimes made it difficult to load.  This post has nothing embedded, only the links to the Google drive version of the various worksheets and PowerPoints.]

(Movie Worksheets)

I designed these worksheets for an Elementary Adult Class I was teaching.
Initially, I had let the class pick any movie they wanted.  They voted for The Fast and the Furious 7, but then after 6 lessons they changed their mind and decided they didn't want to do that movie anymore.
The Fast and the Furious 7 was pretty much a complete disaster, and it made me think that the students should not be allowed free-range to choose whatever movie they wanted.  Particularly I decided that an elementary level class would be best suited to do a children's movie where the plot and vocabulary would be (presumably?) easier to understand.
Several students in this class were requesting to do a cartoon movie anyway.  (Cartoons seem to have a universal appeal--they are popular with adults as well as with children.)
Initially I gave them a choice of 4 different cartoon movies, and we had a vote. The results of the vote were inconclusive.  Everyone had different opinions on what they wanted to watch, and so finally I thought, "Nuts to this.  We're just going to do Peter Pan again."
Making a movie script every lesson is very time consuming, and I eventually decided that I did not have time to do this several times a week.  I could make one movie script, but I couldn't juggle making several movie scripts from scratch for several different classes.  Since I already had the movie scripts for Peter Pan made up, I decided we would study those instead.
The original movie worksheets were designed for young children, so they were designed to be as easy as possible.  For the adult class, I decided not to delete any of what I had already done, but I added 5 higher level new vocabulary words for the adult students.
Some of the additional vocabulary is not high usage or particular useful (cadenza, buccaneer), but to my mind the vocabulary itself is not the point of the exercise.  Rather, matching the vocabulary to the blanks is just an excuse to focus attention on the input.
Because these were adult students, I decided there was no need to spoon-feed them everything, so I deleted the answers from the PowerPoint (we just went over them orally in class).  But I kept the "The Story Last Time" sections.   I think reading some of the script before listening encourages bottom-up listening, and it also provides reading practice, and an ability to absorb the input in a more relaxed fashion.
Instead of reading this chorally, however, with the adult students we just went around the room and each student read one slide.  I corrected pronunciation as needed.
Unfortunately, the term came to an end before we could finish the movie.  So, I only have 13 movie worksheets made up, and this project is unfinished.  However, I still have the complete movie made up over here, and anyone wishing to finish up this project can just continue to modify the remaining worksheets in the same manner.

Google Drive HERE

Part 1 (drive, slide, pub), Part 2 (drive, slide, pub), Part 3 (drive, slide, pub), Part 4 (drive, slide, pub), Part 5 (drive, slide, pub), Part 6 (drive, slide, pub), Part 7 (drive, slide, pub), Part 8 (drive, slide, pub), Part 9 (drive, slide, pub), Part 10 (drive, slide, pub), Part 11 (drive, slide, pub),  Part 12 (drive, slide, pub), Part 13 (drive, slide, pub)

Part 1 (drive, docs, pub), Part 2 (drive, docs, pub), Part 3 (drive, docs, pub), Part 4 (drive, docs, pub), Part 5 (drive, docs, pub), Part 6 (drive, docs, pub), Part 7 (drive, docs, pub), Part 8 (drive, docs, pub), Part 9 (drive, docs, pub), Part 10 (drive, docs, pub), Part 11 (drive, docs, pub), Part 12 (drive, docs, pub), Part 13 (drive, docs, pub)

Update: The first 3 lessons together on one worksheet and PowerPoint here: Slideshow (slidespub) Worksheet: docspub

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