Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Retold by Sue Arengo and Illustrated by Kate Aldous

(Graded Reader)

Since changing schools in April, I've had to adjust to teaching students who are a lot younger, and a lot lower-level than I had been used to.  All of the graded readers I had used at my previous school were no longer valid, and I had to find something that was much easier and more appropriate for young children.

This book was in my school library, and it worked very well with young children aged 6-7.  The story was very simple, and the grammar and vocabulary were graded appropriately.  The illustrations helped the students understand the story.  Recommended for any teacher teaching young children.

The book is available on HERE.

Here are some supplementary teaching materials I made when teaching this book in my classes.  These materials don't really work too well independently of the actual book, so you'll need to get a copy of the book to use these.
When I taught this book, I divided it into four parts and spread it across four lessons
PowerPoints: Part 1 (driveslidepub), Part 2 (driveslidespub), Part 3 (driveslidespub), Part 4 (driveslidespub)
Worksheets: Part 1 (drivedocspub), Part 2 (drivedocspub), Part 3 (drivedocspub), Part 4 (drivedocspub)

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