Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stages of Life Speaking/Writing Activity

(TESOL Worksheets--Speaking)
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[This was originally designed to supplement a lesson on the stages of life from Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook p.69.  But I think it can also stand on its own, so I'm posting it here.
Before class, the teacher cuts the worksheet up into strips for each student.  For each stage of life, the students write about their own personal life.  They use the past tenses for the stages that they have already lived through, present tenses for their current stage of life, and future tenses for any plans or predictions about the future.  (I reviewed the tenses with them briefly in class before the activity.)  After they have completed all the strips, I give them a scissors, and they cut the cards to separate the description of the stage of life from the title.
Then, with a partner, they describe the various stages of life.  Their partner tries to guess which stage of life they are describing, and lays down the appropriate card when they make their guess.  If they guess right, they get one point, and get to keep that card.  At the end, the winner is the player with the most cards.]

baby (0-1)

toddler (1-3)

preschooler (3-5)

young grade school student (5-8)

older grade school student  (8-11)

junior high school student (11-14)

high school student  (14-18)

university student (18-22)

Young adult (22-30)






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