Friday, January 15, 2016

My First Fairytales: The Three Billy Goats Gruff Retold by Gaby Goldsack and Illustrated by Kim Blundell

(Graded Readers)

Another story that's great for young children in a TESOL classroom.  The language is very simple.  (Although when I taught this story, I changed "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" to "The Three Goats".  This was after a survey of the staffroom, in which none of my colleagues could tell me what "gruff" meant, or what the difference between a goat and a billy goat was.)

The book is ideal for reading with young children.  There's an introduction at the front which describes how to read together with children, and various speech bubbles in the illustrations that provide an opportunity for the children to join in the reading.

The illustrations are great as well.

I recommend this book to anyone teaching young children.  It's available on here.

Here are some supplementary teaching materials I made when teaching this book in my classes.  These materials don't really work too well independently of the actual book, so you'll need to get a copy of the book to use these.
When I taught this book, I divided it into three parts and spread it across three lessons.

PowerPoints: Part 1 (driveslidespub), Part 2 (driveslidespub), Part 3 (driveslidespub)

Worksheets: Part 1 (drivedocspub), Part 2 (drivedocspub), Part 3 (drivedocspub)

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