Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review Your Favorite Movie: Speaking Activity for Elementary Students

(TESOL Worksheets--Speaking)

This is a speaking activity to get elementary students talking about their favorite movie.
First, I give them the worksheet (drive, docs, pub).  After the students have had some time to absorb the questions on the worksheet, I give them my example on the PowerPoint (drive, slides, pub).  Then students filled out the sheet for their own movie.

Then, they explain their movie to their partner, using the notes they have created.

Then, as an all class activity, they walk around the room and fill out the survey sheet about which movies they plan on seeing.

For the final activity, they have to choose one of the movies that their classmates recommended to them, and watch it this week as homework.  I do a whole class survey at the end, to see which movie was the most popular.

I used this as a follow-up activity to the Movie Cards (see previous post).
I also took loose inspiration from this lesson here:, but ended up pretty much re-writing everything because I thought it was unsuitable for my elementary students.  But the worksheets from that lesson (such as this one here) would supplement this lesson nicely.

My favorite movie
Movie name:________________________________
When was it made? ________________________________
When and where did you first see it? ________________________________
Why do you like this film so much? (Give three reasons)
Who are the three main characters? Describe the main characters

What is the story of the movie?  (Don’t tell the ending.)

Are there any bad points to this movie?

Why should everyone  see this movie?
Classmate name
Name of the movie they recommended
Will you see it?  Why or why not?

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