Saturday, June 04, 2016

There Was/ There Were Worksheet

(TESOL Worksheets--Past SimpleSubject Verb AgreementWas and Were)

This is a worksheet I made to practice statement and question forms of "there was" and "there were".  The feedback is on PowerPoint.  I used this worksheet as extra practice after using the drilling PowerPoints here.
Worksheet on Google (drive, docs, pub)
PowerPoint on Google (drive, docs, pub)

Match the words to the sentences:
there, was, were

1. _________________ a man in the house.

2. _________________ two men in the garden.

3. _________________ a dog in the car?

4. _________________ three dogs in the school?

5. _________________ two babies in the room?

6. _________________ a cat in the bed?

7. _________________ two girls in the building.

8. _________________ a book on the table.

9. _________________ two books on the table.

10. _________________ a book on the table?

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