Thursday, September 04, 2003

Past Simple

(TESOL Ideas and Worksheets and Subdivisions)

Simple Past Tense Memory Game
Past Simple Karuta 
Regular Past Simple Pronunciation Slap the Board Game
Pronunciation of regular past tense endings
Past Simple Crossword Puzzle
Past Simple Mingling Activity
Speaking Cards for Past Tense
Find Someone Who Questions in the Past Simple
Past Simple Mingle 2
Past Simple Speaking Topics 2
PowerPoint for Drilling Past Simple
PowerPoint for Drilling Past Simple Questions
* PowerPoint for drilling Irregular Past Tense Questions
* Had Past Simple Drilling for PowerPoint
PowerPoint for Drilling irregular Past Simple: Statements and Questions
Past Simple Irregular Verbs Slideshow Presentation
When Clauses in Past Simple Board Race
Past Simple Questions Slideshow

Was/Were Grammar Auction 
* LINK: Was/Were Computer Game at British Council Website 
* LINK: Was/ Were Computer Game at ESL Games Plus 
* Was/Were Worksheet and PowerPoint Presentation
* LINK: Was/Were Card Game
Google Slides for Drilling There was/There were
There was/ There were Worksheets

Past Simple Versus Past Continuous
*Past Simple versus Past Continuous Crossword Questions
Past Simple versus Past Continuous Worksheet
Write Your own Sentence: While + Past Continuous + Past Simple
While + Past Continuous + Past Simple Scrambled Sentences
While + Past Continuous + Past Simple Slideshow

Present Perfect Versus Past Simple
Present Perfect Versus Past Simple Worksheet  
Past Simple Versus Present Perfect Scrambled Sentences
Past Simple Versus Present Perfect Dictation 
Past Simple versus Present Perfect Sorting activity 
Worksheet for Present Perfect versus Past Simple 

Past Simple Passive
Nonsuch Palace
Country Mouse and City Mouse 
Doraemon PowerPoint Game: Past Simple Passive

--Present Simple and Past Simple Passive
Passive Forms Crossword puzzle--Present Simple and Past Simple
Active Versus Passive Form Worksheet Present Simple and Past Simple
Present Passive versus Past Passive 
Present Passive and Past Passive: Find Your Partner
Doraemon game for present simple passive and past simple passive

 --Present, Past, Present Perfect Passive
Active/Passive Review: Present, Past, Present Perfect
Find Your Partner: Active and Passive Sentences for Present, Past, and Present Perfect 

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