Friday, June 02, 2017

Slideshow for Drilling Passives

(TESOL Worksheets--Passives, Present Passive, Past Passive)

In my classes recently I've been re-using the pictures from this worksheet and this worksheet.  But instead of handing out the worksheets, I just put the pictures up on Google Slides.
The pictures can be used in various ways.  At its most simplest, it can just be used for orally drilling.  But in my classes, I've been making it into games.  Students are put into teams, and race to write the correct passive sentence.  The first team to write the sentence correctly gets a point.
I've been using these slideshows to review both the present passive and the past passive (depending on which grammar point I'm scheduled to teach on that particular day) and so I've deliberately left the answers off of the slideshow, so that the slides can be used for present passive, past passive, present continuous passive, etc.  The teacher will just have to use their own judgement in assessing the correctness of the students' answers.
In my own classes--For Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook I used these to drill the present passive for lesson 9A, and the past passive for 9B.
I also used these slides for the present passive in Unit 3 of English World 5.

Crazy Passive pictures here: slides pub
Tom and Jerry Passive pictures here: slides, pub
Everything combined into one here: slides, pub

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