Friday, May 08, 2015

Was Were Worksheet and PowerPoint presentation

(TESOL Worksheets--Was and Were)
[This is a worksheet combined with PowerPoint slides (for a classroom in which I had use of a projector) to explain the difference between was and were, and practice.  
This was designed for young children.  I designed it after using the was/were game linked to in the previous post, when it was clear my students didn't understand the distinction, and were just making random guesses.  The intent of this worksheet/PowerPoint was to explain the distinction as clearly as I could, and drill it.  It's very dry and boring, and I regret that I wasn't creative enough to make this more interesting, but it did seem to do the job.  They (more or less) got it after this.  The Worksheet is below, and on Google (drive, docs, pub).  PowerPoint is also on Google (drive, slides, pub), and embedded below.  The worksheet was cut into 3 different parts, and handed out to students in sections rather than all at once.
None of the images on the PowerPoint slides are my own, and were all taken from a Google Images search. ]

Answer the questions with was or were:
1. I _______________ hot.
2. You _______________ happy.
3. _______________ you happy?
4.  _______________ I funny?
5. You _______________ sad.
6. I _______________ sad.
7. I _______________  happy.
8. _______________ you cold?
9. I _______________ cold.
10. I _______________ funny.

Answer the questions with was or were:
1. He _______________  happy.
2. They _______________ happy.
3. _______________ he happy?
4. John _______________ happy.
5. John and Jill _______________ happy.
6. Mary _______________ happy.
7. The men _______________ angry.
8. The women _______________ hungry.
9. The man _______________ angry
10. She _______________  sad.

Answer the questions with was or were:
1. The lion _______________ hungry.
2. _______________ the lion hungry?
3. The weather _______________ hot.
4. _______________ the weather cold?
5. The dogs _______________ noisy.
6. The dog _______________ dirty.
7. The computers _______________ new.
8. _______________ the computer old?
9. _______________ the clock broken?

10. _______________ the desks clean?

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