Saturday, May 09, 2015

Was/Were Card Game

[In an effort to keep track of useful materials--so I can find it again when I need it--I'm collecting links to stuff that I've had good luck with using in class. I'm indexing it, along with my own materials, over here and here.   The above link is to materials that I've used successfully for a lesson on Was/Were with both beginning adults and young children.
The link above is to the wordpress blog where I found these documents, but the actual PDF of the game is here and the teacher's instructions are here.  Although I've used this game multiple times in class now, and never done it according to the teacher's instructions, which seemed a bit strange to me.  Usually I just cut up all the pictures and cards and shuffle them, and have the students work out the order and sentences together in groups.  Sometimes I might read out the story once first to help.
I'm not entirely sure the above links were posted online with the consent of the copyright holders of this material.  But then I'm not the copyright police.  I'm just linking to useful materials I find online.]

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