Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Verb Tense Review Crossword Game

(TESOL Worksheets--General Verb Tenses)
[This is a crossword puzzle designed to supplement a textbook lesson in which several verb tenses were being reviewed at once.  It was used to supplement the Lifestyle textbook, and thus reflects the verb tenses and the definitions highlighted in that textbook, but I believe it can also be used independently, so I'm posting it here.
At the new school where I'm currently working at now, they've got a lot of really creative ideas for puzzles and crosswords. One idea is to paste the questions around the room, instead of on the paper. So something I've been doing lately with these crosswords is cutting off the questions, and photocopying it with just the crossword blanks. Then the students have to walk around the room to find the questions. This works either as just a way to get the students to walk around the room, or it can also be adopted to a running dictation, where one student sits at their desk, and the other student runs around the room to find the questions and report back.
Apologies to Michael Lewis, who thinks these sort of verb tense definitions are not true, and worse than useless because they give the students false information.  Like many teachers, I have to make the best of the curriculum I have, even when I might disagree with it.  The textbook I have been assigned is making use of these definitions, so I devised this activity as a way to try to make the best of it by at least making it into an activity.
Below are the crossword questions I used.  The Microsoft word version of the crossword questions (to cut up and paste around the room) is on google (drive, docs, pub).  The crossword is on google docs here, and the answers here.  Also, in order to facilitate going over the answers as a class afterwards, I've included the questions and answers on a PowerPoint presentation (drive, slides, pub.]

5 Across→
We use this to talk about past actions with present results, actions or states that began in the past and are still continuing now, and finished actions that happened at an indefinite time in the past.

6 Across→
We use this to talk about current activities or short-term activities.

8 Across→
We use this to talk about finished actions and situations in the past.  They may have happened recently or in the distant past.

1 Down↓
We use this to talk about regular activities, long-term situations, and things that are always true.

2 Down↓
We use this to talk about future plans and arrangements.

3 Down↓
We use this to talk about the background situation in a story, to describe past actions or situations which were in progress at a particular time in the past, or to show two or more actions were in progress at the same time.

4 Down↓
We use this when we talk about intentions and future plans, and when we can see now that something will happen in the future.

7 Down↓
We use this when we're making predictions, when we're deciding something at the moment of speaking, and to make offers and promises.

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