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Life Elementary Textbook: 4F In My Free Time p.54-55

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Life Elementary 4F In My Free Time p.54-55

Life Elementary 4F In My Free Time p.54-55

Life Elementary 4F In My Free Time p.54-55

Life Elementary 4F In My Free Time p.54-55

I really like music, so in my free time I like going to concerts and I really like playing the ukelele.
I love gardening and so I have an allotment.
In my free time, I really like going snowboarding in the winter.  And during the summer, I play quite a lot of disc golf.  Disc golf is essentially a mix between Frisbee and golf.  It’s a lot of fun.
I practice the ukulele every day for about ten or 15 minutes.  And then every week on a Monday, a group of us go to a café together to play the ukelele.
In the spring, I go quite often because I have to dig the soil and get it ready.
In the summer, when I plant, I go less often and in the autumn, I pick the vegetables and I have to go less often still.
During the winter, I’ll maybe go snowboarding for two weeks on a holiday.  And during the summer, I will usually play disc golf once a week and some weekends I go away for competitions.
I enjoying playing the ukelele because I love making music and it’s a really easy instrument to play.  And I really like getting together with friends and we’ve got a very good teacher who teaches us some really good songs.
I enjoy doing it because I like the fresh air and enjoy eating the vegetables we grow.
I enjoy snowboarding because you get to spend time in really beautiful mountain scenery.  It’s also a nice way to take a holiday and you come back feeling very refreshed.  Disc golf is a nice way for me to hang out with my friends during summer and also going to competitions at the weekends takes me to some quite interesting locations.

What do you do in your free time??
How often do you do it?
Why do you enjoy doing it?

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Free time activity?
Who with?
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