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English World 3 Unit 10 Reading p.100-101 Scrambled Order and Quizlet

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks --English World 3)

Contains the script of the reading.  Teacher cuts it up and scrambles it before class.  In groups, students re-arrange it into the correct order.  Possibly while listening to the audio track of the reading.  Google (drive, docs, pub)

Quizlet: This was a fun little experiment we did in class one day.  After completing the reading, the students came up with their own questions and answers about the reading, which I typed up on the computer at the front of class.  Then they competed to see who could get the best scores in the games
Google: (drive, docs, pub)

Pupil’s book, Unit 10, page 100, Reading

A trip on the Thames

You can travel through London on the river. The name of the river

is the Thames. You can sit on a river boat and see many famous


Big Ben

You can see this clock tower. Inside the tower there is a heavy

metal bell. Its name is Big Ben. Every hour this big bell sounds. It

weighs 13,500 kilos. It is heavier than two elephants.

The London Eye

River boats go past the London Eye. People ride on this enormous

wheel. It turns very slowly. At the top you can see across the city.

The London Eye opened in 2000.

Tower Bridge

Boats go under Tower Bridge. Sometimes tall ships go up the

river. A red light stops the traffic. The bridge opens. The ship

passes through. The bridge closes again.

The Monument

You can see this tower. It tells people about the Great Fire of

London in 1666. It is 61 metres high. It is 61 metres from the start

of the fire. The fire started on Sunday the 2 nd of September in a

baker’s shop in Pudding Lane. It was two o’clock in the morning

and everyone was asleep….


“Fire! Fire!”

A servant woke up and saw the flames. “Fire, fire!” he shouted.

Everyone woke up. They threw water on the fire, but it did not



“Leave your houses!”

The people could not stop the fire. The wind blew and the fire

got bigger. It burned other buildings. “Leave your houses!” the

mayor said.


“Pull down those houses! We must stop the fire.”

The fire burned hundreds of houses. It burned the old London

Bridge. “Pull down those houses. We must stop the fire,” said

the king.


“Now we are stopping the fire.”

They pulled down many houses. The fire could not burn them.

The wind did not blow. “Now were are stopping the fire,” said the



“What are we going to do?”

The fire stopped but thousands of people did not have homes.

“What are we going to do?” they asked.


“We are going to build a new city.”

The King sent food for the people. He talked to the builders. “We

are going to build a new city,” he said

English World 3 p.100-101

English World 3 p.100-101

English World 3 p.100-101

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