Friday, July 28, 2017

Regular readers of this blog may have already noticed that I've been making good use of  Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom  on my Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks series.  Whenever I need lead-in questions for a specific topic, I just go to this website.  They almost always have questions on the topic.  (They've got questions on just about every topic.)

Recently, however, for a class that has requested more speaking practice, I've started just systematically working through the topics.

At  the beginning of every class, I give them the questions.  They struggle through them in groups as best they can.  They ask me about any vocabulary they have questions about.  I give hot correction on mistakes that are easily corrected (e.g. pronunciation) and delayed correction on more complex issues.

I've also followed their instructions on Teacher's Guide to Using These Pages :

Before Using the Questions
You may save the page "as text", edit it to be more appropriate for your own students. For example:
Delete questions which you feel are inappropriate.
Localize the questions to your country or city.
Sort the questions into a sequence which you like.
Add any additional questions you can think of. (It would be nice to also add those questions to the master list, so all teachers can use them.)

If anyone is interested, my worksheets are below:

Google drive Folder HERE 
Accidents at Home: docs, pub
Adoptions: docs, pub
Adventure: docs, pub
Advertising: docs, pub
Advice: docs, pub
Age: docs, pub
Airplanes: docs, pub
Appearance: docs, pub
Clothes and Fashion: docs, pub
Clubs: docs, pub
Competition: docs, pub
Decisions: docs, pub
Email: docs, pub
Festivals: docs, pub
Gifts: docs, pub
Going Out: docs, pub
Happiness: docs, pub
Health: docs, pub
Hobbies: docs, pub
Hotels: docs, pub
Inventions: docs, pub
Medical Advice: docs, pub
Mountains: docs, pub
Movies: docs, pub
Photography: docs, pub
Problems with Technology: docs, pub
Religion: docs, pub
Space: docs, pub
Sports: docs, pub
Surviving: docs, pub
Tattoos: docs, pub
Technology: docs, pub
Texting: docs, pub
Transportation: docs, pub
Travel: docspub
Vacations: docs, pub
Weather: docs, pub
Wrestling: docs, pub

(I'm posting these links here in order to keep track of my material.  I'm also indexing it here and here.)

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