Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming

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* Everyone has already pointed this out already, but it's good to see Peter Parker back in high school.  (All comic book fans know that in his original incarnation, Spider-Man was a high school student, and the original 1960s version of the character is famous for combining teen-angst with super-hero stuff.  So it's nice that they're returning to those roots.)  And they've got an actor who is young enough to convinceable play a high school student this time.
....That being said, the filmmakers are pushing things a little bit by claiming Peter Parker is 15.  Tom Holland looks young, but not that young.  17 would have been believable.

* I know some people hate this, but personally I think it's cool how inter-connected all the MCU movies are.  So I liked all those Avengers references and Iron Man cameos.

* The action sequences were good.  Fast paced, exciting, and the director did a good job of building tension.  Tom Holland also did a good job of selling the danger.  You could see from the worried look on his face that his character actually believed he was in real danger, which made the action sequences more exciting for the audiences.

The Negatives
* It's not this movie's fault necessarily, but we've become so saturated with Superhero movies lately that a lot of this is becoming old hat.  There are a few little plot twists along the way, but basically I know everything in this movie is just leading up one big climatic fight against the villain.  And that's basically what happens.

Rating :
6 out of 10.  (Borderline 7, because this movie is pretty well-made for what it is.  But we've had so many superhero movies lately, it's getting hard to impress me.  It gets one star over average.)

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Those guys at Red Letter Media are always pretty sharp.

From io9.com Spider-Man: Homecoming Diversity Push Makes No Spidey-Sense . I read this article before watching the movie, and was initially in agreement with it.  After seeing the movie, however, I was so charmed by Tom Holland's performance, that I don't begrudge him the role at all.

And speaking of Tom Holland...

Actor Tom Holland not to be confused with historian Tom Holland.

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Video review here and embedded below:

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