Friday, December 11, 2015

Describing Everyday Objects: Speaking Activity

(TESOL Worksheets--Speaking)
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[This was designed to supplement page 57 of the Life Pre-Intermediate textbook, but I think it can also stand on its own as an independent speaking activity, so I'm posting it here.
The activity has two phases.  In the first phase, the students are put into groups of three.  The names of object cards are spread out on the desks. One student reads the description card, and the other two students compete to grab the appropriate object card.
Then, the students are given blank cards, and they write their own description of everyday objects.  They read these descriptions to their group, and the group tried to guess their objects.]

shaving cream

It is made of metal, plastic and rubber.  We use it to drive to places.

This is made out of plastic.  We use it to hold our drinks inside.
This is made of metal stretchers, and fabric (most commonly nylon).  We use this to keep us dry when it rains.

This is made out of metal.  We use it to help us eat soups.
This is made of rubber, cloth, or leather.  We use it to protect our feet when we walk.

This is made out of wood or plastic.  We use it to sit in.
This is made from fabrics, such as cotton or polyester.  We use it to cover our upper body when we go outside.

This is made out of wheat, flour, water, and yeast.  We use it to make sandwiches.
This is made of a CPU, hard drive and motherboard.  We use this to go online and search the Internet.

This is made out of metal and plastic.  We use it to keep our food cold.
This is made of stearic acid and triethanolamine.  We use it to keep our skin smooth when we shave.

This is made out of cardboard.  We use it to keep things in.
This is made from oil water and lye.  We use it to clean our bodies.

This is made of water and detergent.  We use it to clean our hair.
This is made of cotton.  We use it to dry our hair and skin after we get out of the shower.

This is made from leaves.  We drink it.
This is made of oil, vinegar, and eggs.  We use it to make our sandwiches more delicious.

This is made from feathers.  We use it to rest our heads on when we sleep.

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