Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Writing an Adventure Story

(TESOL Worksheets--Writing)

I originally used this to supplement Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook Lesson 4E: A Story of Survival.  But I believe it can also stand on its own as an independent writing activity.

As a lead-in, I re-used the worksheet I had made last year, A Trip to the Jungle.  Except I didn't have students finish the story.  I only used it to draw their attention to the many types of past verb forms that are used in telling stories.

Then, with a partner, I had them plan out their stories, using this PowerPoint Here (Google; Drive, Slides, Pub), and  this worksheet (Google: Drive, Docs, Pub) and write their stories in pairs.  They were instructed not to conclude the story, but only to set-up the danger.  (Here again, I used my own "A Trip to the Jungle" story as an example of how to set-up the danger, but not to bring resolution).  The story was then passed on to the next pair, who would continue it from there.

As a form of feedback, I typed up all the stories on a new blog--here, and corrected the errors as I typed them.  The students were instructed to compare their original versions with my corrected versions, and then vote on their favorite story.

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