Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pronunciation: Words ending with /nk/, /nd/, and /nt/

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[At the link above, and embedded below, is a PowerPoint presentation for words ending in the consonant sounds /nk/, /nd/, and /nt/.
It can probably be adopted for various games, but with my very young learners, what I did was write nk, nd, and nt at various places in the room.  I would show them the word on the PowerPoint slide, and then pronounce it, and they would run to the letters they thought they heard.  I would then show them the answer.
All of the images are taken from searching Google Images, and none of them are mine.
This is adopted from a lesson in English World 2, but I have significantly expanded on the amount of examples.]

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wordy smith said...

words Ending with "Nk"

There are Total 148 words Ending with Nk (Suffix). NK is not a word but only a combination of letters. nk is made up of letters N and K.

Example : 1). Mountebank 2). Groupthink 3). Greenshank 4). Distelfink 5). Sheepshank

More details for words Ending with "NK"